Our advice is based on a detailed description of the watercourse. A study of the fish population size and composition is a crucial element in our assessment of the watercourse.
We try to see the stream with the fish eyes and our vast experience allows us to quickly assess the condition of the watercourse.

Streams counseling at Danmarks Center for Wild Salmon is headed by consultant Kim Iversen who has more than 10 years of experience working with stream ecology and salmonid habitat preferences.

From watercourse objective, but also from an estimated potential, we advise on the restoration actions that provide the greatest yield. It may be the removal of barriers, re-meandering, modified maintenance, the establishment of spawning areas, etc.

We also provide advice about release plans for trout and salmon.

We are here to help our natural fish stocks. Therefore, our work is based on the objective of “restoring the Danish river systems as free flowing watercourses from spring to sea with self-reproducing stocks of native species, according to the EU Water Framework Directive”.

For further information please contact
Martin Hage Larsen at tel. +45 26 61 77 78 / +45 97 35 49 28 or mail

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