Year-round perch fingerlings
The European perch (Perca fluviatilis) is a relatively new species in European recirculated aquaculture. At PROPERCH we work to increase knowledge about perch in aquaculture and develop protocols that enables us to produce high quality fingerlings to our customers. We have four populations of broodstock each with a unique spawning cycle. That means four spawnings and four production cycles a year, and fingerlings ready for sale throughout the year.

Sustainable production
Our perch is produced in indoor Recirculated Aquaculture Systems (RAS). It is a closed system where the environment is controlled, and water is cleaned and recycled. Therefore, RAS is a sustainable alternative to other production forms ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly production.

Veterinary safe production
PROPERCH has a high veterinary standard where our four broodstock populations are kept in isolation from each other. To ensure a safe product, all fertilized eggs are disinfected before incubation and all production batches are screened for rhabdovirus before delivery.

Research-based breeding program
In the coming years PROPERCH´s ambition is to develop a breeding platform to effectively enhance desirable traits such as growth and fillet yield while controlling rates of inbreeding. With the use of DNA technology, pedigrees will be reestablished allowing us to estimate breeding values and determine rates of inbreeding. This information will be combined to apply optimal contribution selection to maximize genetic gain while constraining rates of inbreeding ensuring a sustainable breeding plan.

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