Supportive breeding

DCV has rearing facilities in Randers and at Skjern River. Both facilities consist of fully recirculated aquaculture systems (RAS) that have a minimum water consumption and high veterinary status.

RAS at DCV-Skjern

At DCV-Skjern we are breeding juvenile salmon for restocking in primarily in Skjern Å, Varde Å, and Ribe Å. The supportive breeding is solely based on wild salmons from the respective streams. The parent fish is held from the time of capture to spawning in quarantine facilities. Parent fish from each watercourse are kept apart in seperate facilities, and so are eggs and larvae.

At DCV-Randers We are breeding juvenile salmons for restocking in River Gudenåen. As in Skjern the breeding is based on wild broodfish. The surplus fish are used for restocking projects in several rivers in northern Germany.




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