The Foundation

Danmarks Center for Vildlaks, DCV (Denmark’s Center for Wild Salmon) is a foundation that aims to work for the conservation and propagation of native strains of salmonids. This is achieved mainly through stream restoration projects, advising on habitat improvement, breeding, and stocking of salmon and trout juveniles.


DCV was established on 1 January 2000 as a result of the merger between Fos-Laks Laksehallen and Skjern Å Lakseopdræt.

The merger was primarily intended to secure and strengthen the original West Jutland salmon populations through supportive breeding and release of juvenile salmons based on wild broodstock from the respective streams. DCV has also since the merger continued the work to restore the salmon population in the River Gudenå system through annual releases of juvenile salmons. The hydro-power station at Tange is still an effective stop to the establishment of a self-reproducing salmon population in the water system. Since the goal is to build up stocks of salmon that through natural spawning can maintain viable population sizes, DCV is also involved in river restoration and improvement of the general physical conditions in the watercourses.

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